Animals Animals Closing Out Sale! FINAL WEEK!
52% Discount! This is the last markdown, so HURRY!

After selling Steiff plush since 1995, Animals Animals has decided to move on and discontinue operations. This is your last opportunity to purchase ANY item(s) at a 52% discount.

The caveats are thus:
Subsidized shipping rates still apply // Gift packaging is not available (gift cards ok) // Bear Aways/Layaways are not available // Payment via cheque/money order is not available // Canadian and US shipping only // All sales are final and as-is // Discount is not retroactive // AMEX payments will be re-routed through PayPal invoicing system // Inventory is limited

Spanky, Chief Executive Bear (CEB).
Limited Editions

Candy Cane Bear Ornament

$133 $64US

All Treats Hallowe'en Bear

$388 $186US


$329 $158US


$296 $142US

Dove Ornament

$104 $50US

Fantasia's Ben-Ali-Gator

$375 $180US

Fantasia's Flamingo

$375 $180US

Fantasia's Hyacinth Hippo

$375 $180US

Fantasia's Mlle. Upanova

$375 $180US

Golden Lion Tamarin

$296 $142US

Good News Bear

$498 $239US

Horse on Wheels Ornament

$133 $64US

Mickey, Sorcerer's Apprentice

$500 $240US

Moose Ornament

$127 $61US

Mouse Ornament

$115 $55US

Oriole Bird

$119 $57US

Penguin Ornament

$125 $60US

Sorcerer Mickey Ornament

$108 $52US

Teddy Bear King Balthazar with an Elephant

$408 $196US

Teddy, the Conqueror

$154 $74US

White Christmas Musical Teddy Bear

$325 $156US

Yellowhammer Ornament

$100 $48US

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